A*Midex Mediterranean Project - Launch of "ENZIM-FC" collaborative project, coordinated by Luca Pasquini, with Italy

AMIDEX_Visuel - Projet International - M. Pasqualini

Dr. Luca PASQUINI's project named "ENZIM-FC", approved by the A*Midex Foundation as part of the "Mediterranean 2018" call, began its activities in October 2019. This project will strengthen Aix-Marseille's cooperation with the Tor Vergata University of Rome (Italy).

The project led by Dr. Luca Pasquini was selected on March 18, 2019 by the Steering Committee of the A*Midex Foundation as part of the "Mediterranean 2018" call for projects of A*Midex. This call aims to strengthen Euro-Mediterranean collaborations at the Aix-Marseille University site with privileged research partners.
Research into energy storage and conversion devices is an important challenge for humanity at the beginning of this century. The project entitled "ENZymatic Ion exchange Membrane Fuel Cells" (ENZIM-FC) aims to realize a miniaturized enzymatic H2/O2 fuel cell using using a separating membrane made of an ion-exchange polymer (ionomer) and with a "Membrane Electrode Assembly" structure.  The combination of enzymes with high catalytic specificity and high performance ionomers with high ionic conductivity will considerably improve the efficiency of the enzyme cell and the realization of a miniaturized device. The project thus has an environmental objective in the context of the development of  sustainable (non-fossil) energy and high efficiency devices.

ENZIM-FC associates the Aix-Marseille Laboratories MADIREL (http://madirel.univ-amu.fr/)  for the study of ionic conductive polymers and electrochemical technologies for energy, and BIP (http://www.bip.cnrs-mrs.fr/) for the functional study of metalloenzymes and their integration in bioenergy processes. The Tor Vergata University of Rome brings its excellence in ionomer synthesis to the Associated International Laboratory "LIME" (Ionomer materials for Energy) founded in 2015 by Aix-Marseille University, the CNRS (France) and Tor Vergata University. The ENZIM-FC project will reinforce the joint activities within the consortium.
ENZIM-FC started on 1st October 2019 with a first kick-off meeting to set the search strategies, for a duration of 24 months. Over this period, the project will be supported by the A*Midex Foundation with a 80,000 euros grant. The project is being implemented at the MADIREL laboratory in Aix-Marseille (UMR AMU-CNRS).

Credits : projet A*MIDEX ENZIM-FC
From left to right : Chrystelle Lebouin (MADIREL) Anne de Poulpiquet (BIP), Maria Luisa di Vona (Univ. Tor Vergata - Rome), Luca Pasquini (MADIREL)