Aix-Marseille University affirms its social policy and changes its logo


The logo of Aix-Marseille University (AMU) has existed since the creation of the university by merger in 2012. It even existed at the time of the "PRES" of the former universities of the Aix-Marseille site. The colours of the graphic elements symbolize the natural elements of the territory: the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, a theme of research excellence and differentiating the territory, and the yellow of the sun, characteristic of the Mediterranean basin.

In 2016, when AMU's Initiative of Excellence (Idex) was perpetuated, the logo was completed with the base line "Initiative of Excellence", in order to introduce this new structuring characteristic for AMU into the university's visual identity. Our Idex, named A*Midex and now the foundation of AMU, is now a recognised label. AMU is developing in depth on its foundations.

While President Eric Berton's new term of office is characterised by an ambitious social and solidarity policy, making good living together a unifying value, we wanted AMU's visual identity to embody this value. The baseline of the logo will thus evolve to display "socially committed", a strong marker of our policy and our community.

Highly symbolic, this change reflects AMU's ambition to improve the quality of life and work on all sites, for its students and staff.
A socially committed university is first and foremost an inclusive university for all, especially for people with disabilities, but also in favour of gender equality and the fight against all forms of discrimination.

A socially committed university also means building a living environment conducive to the development of each individual and offering a healthy environment based on mutual aid and solidarity, enabling anyone to benefit from the resources necessary to progress serenely within AMU, in educational courses, in work situations or in leisure activities (access to sports and culture for the general public).

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