The Academy of Mediterranean Talents - a hybrid and itinerant training course on contemporary issues in the Mediterranean region

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The SoMuM and ARKAÏA institutes have joined forces with the French Development Agency (AFD Campus) for this first edition of the Talent Academy, aimed at project leaders aged 20 to 40, from various French-speaking backgrounds on both sides of the Mediterranean (students and doctoral candidates, entrepreneurs, artists, personalities from the associative world, etc.).

Three areas of work will provide keys to understanding the Mediterranean worlds, starting from the myths that have forged the history of the Mediterranean to move towards a common future, based on a committed and creative youth. The Academy of talents will be an opportunity to accompany the participants on the definition and implementation of impact projects, embodied in the Mediterranean territories.

Over a period of six months (September 2022 - February 2023), this training will alternate times of collective and individual meetings and learning, two training sessions in Tunisia and Marseille financed by the program, as well as individual and professionalizing coaching.

Application deadline: July 17, 2022.
Application submission: click here.

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