24 hours of a woman's life - Marseille from April 6 to May 20

24H Vie d'une femme
24H Vie d'une femme [Description]

24H Vie d'une femme 

24H of the life of a woman takes its quarters at Docks des Suds until May 2023!
This exhibition-show to raise awareness and educate on gender equality invites the public to discover the lives of 6 women in 6 countries of the world, in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. The project brings together many associations in the area, at the crossroads of international relations and violence against women, around conferences and debates.
As a partner, Aix-Marseille University offers you free tickets within the limits of available seats.

Have you ever had the opportunity to really put yourself in the shoes of another person?

To live for an hour a life totally different from yours?

This is the surprising journey that Ars Anima offers you through 24 hours in the life of a woman, an exhibition-show on the issues of equality between women and men.

Free admission directly on the ticketing site by indicating the following promo codes:

  • Student public: promo code AMU-24H-etu
  • AMU staff : promo code AMU-24H-pro
24H Vie d'une femme exposition-spectacle [Description]

24H Vie d'une femme  exposition spectacle

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24 hours of a woman's life
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