The 36 hours chrono of the creation of a company

36h chrono

Pépite Provence invites you during this challenge to :

  • Discover the company by imagining it;
  • Start from an idea and transform it into a business project in only 36 hours;
  • Share your skills and innovate in a multidisciplinary and mixed team;
  • Live a concentrate of entrepreneurship and an extraordinary experience !

On the program of these 36 hours chrono :

Building a lean business plan, studying market opportunities, calculating profitability, researching the name and identity of the company, sales strategy, marketing analysis...

In short, elaboration and presentation of a virtual business project to be valued by a jury of professionals!

To take up this major challenge, you will have experts and teachers at your side to support and advise you, workshops as well as a candidate's booklet to guide you in the construction of your project.

Whatever the question, they will offer you a solution: contractors and consultants (generalists, lawyers, accountants, marketers, sales people, communicators, etc.) will be there to help you move forward as the hours go by!

Where and when is the 36-hour challenge this year?

The challenge will make its big comeback in November 2021!

The course of the game:

Come with your duvet, your pillow and your work tool (computer, tablet...), we take care of the rest: meals are taken care of, coffee will be available at any time of the day and night and a rest area will be set up for you to rest... a few hours! On the first day, we will be waiting for you from 8:00 am. We will meet you and explain in detail the rules of the game. Then you'll be at work until 12 noon the next day! The next day, from 1:00 pm, you will present your project in front of a jury of professionals and, at the end of the afternoon, after deliberation, the winners of the game will be announced and rewarded. A friendly cocktail will then be provided to close the challenge.

Who can participate?

This challenge is open to students registered at Aix-Marseille University or in one of the higher education institutions that are members of the PÉPITE (Pôle Étudiant Pour l'Innovation, le Transfert et l'Entrepreneuriat) PROVENCE (Student Pole for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship).

  • SciencesPo Aix
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers
  • Ecole Centrale Marseille
  • Ecole des Mines Gardanne
  • University of Avignon
  • BTS and Prep (Rectorat Aix Marseille)

NB: AMU students can register this action in the Creativity and Entrepreneurship Bonus.

How to participate?

With or without an idea, alone or in a team, with knowledge or without knowing anything about how to build a business project?

Anyone can participate !!!!

Teams consist of 3 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) players. They must be mixed and multidisciplinary.

36h chrono