1st-yr Master's degree students (internal)

Internship proposals at the M1 level (1st Master year) which will be carried out within one of the three labs of the IPhU and which can be financially supported by the Graduate School as an extension up to two months of the standard duration for M1 internships.
FunPhys Master students (AMU) or other students are encouraged to apply.

In-coming intensive stipends for the academic year 2020-2021: 3 M1 (2 months).

(open for AMU or external students).

FunPhys Master students (AMU) or external students are encouraged to apply:

  • Get in touch ASAP with the researcher leading the internship proposal in order to be sure that the internship can be financially supported by the IPhU.
  • Your application will be conducted by the potential supervisor and directly transmitted to the IPhU board of education who will allocate the fundings. The Internships funded by IPhU are awarded on students' merit.
  • The committee will award the financing of M1 internships at the end of January 2021 (might be extended on the fly) and it is subject to the lab directors' approval.
  • M1 internships will be treated later or on the fly if needed.

Please, see below a list of M1 internship proposals - collecting process still in progress
Do not hesitate to visit the labs' webpages for internship proposals as well (M1 level should be :

List of so far identified IPhU internships at the M1 level: see here.