New team and Scientific event

Scientific event:

With the aim of strengthening research and improving the Institute's visibility at national, European and international level, MarMaRa wants to support its members' scientific events. A sponsoring grant of up to 1500€ will be awarded per scientific event.

New team:

To extend the field of competence of teams that are already part of the Institute and to promote interdisciplinary approaches and the emergence of innovative research projects, MarMaRa Institute offers the opportunity to new teams of the Aix-Marseille University to join the Institute.

Applicants should send a pdf file containing (application form to download on the right column):  

Candidates will be invited to give a seminar before the review of their application by our steering committee. The institute’s steering committee will give a recommendation based on the usual international quality criteria, as well as Institute’s thematic areas and specific strategic priorities. The applicant will be notified regarding this recommendation. Final decisions regarding potential affiliation to MarMaRa will be communicated after validation by our Institute Council (yearly meetings).



Nouvelles équipes 2022-2023

Chef d'équipe: Christophe Lachaud (CRCM)

Equipe: DNA interstrand crosslink lesions and blood disorder


Séminaire nouvelle équipe (26/04/2022): Is the regulation of telomere length by MRE11 UFMylation essential to prevent encephalopathy of patient deficient in the UFM1 pathway ?


Chef d'équipe: Robert Kelly (IBDM)

Equipe: Genetic control of heart development


Séminaire nouvelle équipe (22/06/2022): "Investigating lineage & cell fate during heart development to uncover mechanisms of congenital defects & arrhythmias"


Cheffe d'équipe: Bianca Habermann (IBDM)

Equipe: Computational biology


Séminaire nouvelle équipe: à venir


Chef d'équipe: Carlos Cardoso (INMED)

Equipe: Développement cortical


Séminaire nouvelle équipe: à venir