presentation des relations internationales

International relations

Aix-Marseille University (AMU) is determined to pursue a dynamic and proactive international policy, and has established an International Relations Office with a mission to promote the European and international dimension of AMU’s teaching and research activities. The office reports to the President and the Vice President for International Relations, and is primarily responsible for developing cooperation with foreign universities and managing student and faculty mobility, as part of interuniversity agreements and exchange programs.

A large, multidisciplinary university with nearly 71,000 students, AMU belongs to an appropriately vast network of partners (over 420 in Europe and over 300 outside Europe), from whose expertise it benefits while in turn showcasing its own fields of excellence. Its involvement in consortia (CREPUQ, ISEP, etc.) gives students the opportunity to study and/or undertake internships in any part of the world.

With nearly 15% of the student body made up of international students, Aix-Marseille University further strengthens its appeal by encouraging participation in official exchange programs. To give its international students every chance for success and integration into the university community, AMU offers various support services including classes in French language and culture. 

Its top-class, targeted, and long-term partnerships and its membership in prestigious European and international networks ensure that Aix-Marseille University will maintain and build its cultural and academic reputation.