The IPhU Graduate School is a training course through research, from Masters degree to PhD in the domain of the Physics of the Universe. It aims at providing students with a solid level of knowledge in theoretical and experimental physics on a wide range of topics on the Physics of the Universe, enabling them to pursue a research career on hot topics and current issues in these research fields. It is mainly based on the experience of researchers from the three host laboratories: CPPM, CPT and LAM. These three laboratories carry out research in the framework of IPhU.

The IPhU Graduate School's goals:

The IPhU Graduate School aims at strengthening the training-research link by implementing a work-study program, so that students can work in various research teams in the IPhU host labs(CPPM, CPT and LAM). This work-study program will go on throughout the duration of their Master's degree (on-going internships along a semester period, extension of internship duration).

Raising the awareness of Master's students about the stakes and interests of research and its methodologies, the IPhU Graduate School will prepare them better for their professional integration, and will fully support the future candidates wishing to apply for a doctoral project (training through research).

Setting up specific courses to complement the Master's initial classes: interdisciplinary courses at a more advanced level (doctoral level) will be widely developed.

Organizing Master classes with internationally renowned lecturers, as well as international summer schools focused on hot topics, new trends or issues about Physics of the Universe, previously defined in agreement with the doctoral schools.

Setting up internal and external mobility grants (1-4 months), within the network of partners of the IPhU labs(CPPM, CPT and LAM) and the Observatoire de Haute Provence. The aim is to reinforce the international value of the training, and to offer students complementary teaching in the field of Physics of the Universe.

Setting up a scientific policy of doctoral contracts for selected students (analysis of academic career paths and interviews).

Building up a network of alumni to help promoting future international collaborations.

Most of all, the IPhU Graduate School brings further means to the FunPhys Master training program:

  • Studentships based on academic excellence criteria (CV, grade transcripts since high-school, cover letter, reference letter(s)) Deadline: May 15th refer to the application tile
  • IPhU will approximately reply by the end of May or mid of June.
  • IPhU can book a room for a certain number of the IPhU-awarded students, in a CROUS guest house with the AMU International Relation Service's help.
  • Major training contributions / PhD lectures, seminars, immersion in IPhU labs (tutored projects, on-going internships, internships) as well as in connected renowned institutions such as CERN, OHP.
  • IPhU internship proposals (M1 & M2) together with internship stipends (internal or in out-going mobility).
  • In addition, students enrolled in the FunPhys Master program, although not initially in the IPhU graduate school at the M1 level, who remarkably perform, may join the IPhU graduate school over the Master curriculum or on a PhD position.
  • French classes for foreign IPhU students.
  • Joint workshops (e.g. research in pairs) between IPhU Master students and PhD students.


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