Offre de formation

Training offer

Aix-Marseille University offers, at a time when the labor market is a flagship university mission, all academic fields it is possible to study in France.



The outline of the LMD system

The harmonization of the European Higher Education Area is to improve transparency between different national systems and institutions, adopting common references (three cycle system LMD, European benchmarks for quality, principles for doctoral training, ...) and common tools (European ECTS, diploma supplement ...). This alignment allows:

      - European comparisons and equivalences
      - National and international mobility of students
      - Greater clarity for employers
      - Better employability of students

An architecture of the 3 grades based on studies

Degree: Master's degree 3: Bac + 5 Doctorate: bac + 8
The master 2nd year can have two orientations: professional master or research master, or be undifferentiated. Mastery (master 1st year) remains an intermediate degree.

A cutting courses in semesters

Each semester allows the production of 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
The license lasts 6 semesters and is validated by obtaining 180 ECTS credits
confers the Bachelor's degree The Master lasts four semesters and is validated by obtaining 120 additional ECTS credits and confer master's degree. The PhD lasts 3 years minimum.

An organization training in Teaching Units (EU) mandatory or optional for the student to partially build an Individualized

Each semester consists of a set of teaching units (EU). The EU has
some value in ECTS credits. The EU is fully vested when the average is
obtained, and give the corresponding European credits. A coherent set of units
education and their articulation in a logical progression tailored to the student's personal and professional project is a journey. The student actor of his career.

The implementation of the Transfer System ECTS Europeans

European funds are used to validate the lessons followed in France or abroad, and gained experience. They are capitalized: validation of EU and associated ECTS credits, calculated according to the workload ( "Workload") of the student is acquired definitively and ransférables in France and Europe.






A full range of continuing professional education for individuals and businesses

The university and its Continuous Professional Training Service are positioned as your partner to accompany you in your projects and training strategies. In collaboration with our public and private research partners and companies, we are part of a continuous improvement process of our training offer and service, to adapt to the new needs of individuals and businesses. With its capacity for innovation and excellence of its training offer, the University of Aix-Marseille accompanies the actors of society in the development of their skills. As such, it implements and provides services and training provision adapted to the challenges of the 21st century, for individuals and for businesses.